The Time Traveler



Your childless great-uncle Alvar Tesela, the onely heir you hand left, had passed away at respestable age 90. Alvar was not a passionate researcher and adventurer but also a gifted prankster. Stories told that he had managed to buold a time machine.


The inheritance also included his mysterious workspace, Paja, and you wanted to uncover it"s secrets,


As you opened the door to the Paja and Stepped inside, the incredible happened. Suddelnly, you found yourself in a complently different time. You had traveled bac in time, but how an earth were you going to get back to your own time? You onely had one hour to return .


A thrilling race against time lies ahead on you. You must solve pzzles of Paja and find your way back to your own time before the time is up.




The Case of The Mountain Clup


A small magazine revelation caught the attention of Your detective agency.

"The Fell Clup is looking for qualifield detectives to find out who sabotaged the Fell Clubs´s barbecue party and where the victory cup was lost from its display.


The task is easy for you, isn`t it?